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17 July 2006

17 July 2006- My First Day

Well Hello,
This is my first attempt at a blog. Since my life is filled with books and cats, I thought that would probably be the best way to go. I have been a heavy reader all my life, and I would love to share some of my favorites. Since life isn't all good, neither are all books, so it might be fun to also explore some that were disappointments for one reason or another.
Now, my cats. They will always be in color. They are three in number, and about five thousand in personalities. As time goes along, their characters will be exposed bit by bit. Their names are Tom Poes (Kitten,) Sprankeltje (Bean,) and LOKi (LOKi.)
Then of course there is the third big thing- books about cats. A whole separate category. I will delve into that often!
Tonight I will go through my books and decide which one I would like to begin with. It seems very important to make a big splash or statement right at the beginning.
See you tomorrow!


Blogger LMI1 said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! I just randomly bumped into your blog and thought I say welcome!

17 July, 2006 19:39  
Blogger INAMINI said...

Thank you, Imi1! I hope that I am at the beginning of a wonderful relationship with my blog!

18 July, 2006 08:18  

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