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18 July 2006

18 July 2006- A Cat's Entry

My blogger is unavailable today, so I (LOKi) will be today's featured host.
First of all, let me introduce myself. Obviously, my name is LOKi, which is shorthand for Little Orange Kitty. I am approximately 6 years old, but only the laurel bush I crawled out of knows for sure. I am by nature afraid of people, especially those I don't know, so it took a few months of food bribery for me to consent to being handled. Food is good.
LOKi is the Norse God of Mischief, which is very apropo. I enjoy being a baaad cat. This involves running around maniacally, sitting on top of the other cats as if they don't exist, digging for imaginary prizes, and my favorite thing of all, working with the computer. I like to send e-mails, sit on the keyboard, make fun noises with the keyboard, and not get off the computer no matter what. Ultimately, I am a happy creature.
I am Mom's first "kitty with lips." I have huge green eyes and huge ears. I am weirdly fond of perfume and sunblock, and love to lick them off skin. That's not normal, from what I understand. I love to eat, and I think I am way too skinny, so I should get food whenever I want it!
Speaking of which...
While I'm busy procuring food, I notice that Mom is reading some books that she wants to discuss. I know she finished one today.
Have a wonderful evening!


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