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19 July 2006

19 July 2006- A Cat Entry

This is another report from LOKi. Mom spent the day with her dad, who lives on a small island. He too has three cats (must be something in the genes!) Names: Willem, Bontepoes and Ma. Their life is pretty idyllic.
Willem is a huge, sweet orange tabby. Willem likes to help go to the maibox and pick up the mail everyday. The mailbox is about a block and a half away. He has a harness and leash, and he walks very proudly down the middle of the street. When he hears a car coming, he goes to the ditch and sits in it until the car has passed by. Then he gets up and continues the journey. I don't think that I would do very well on a leash! Mom was very impressed and made sure she told us all about Willem's fantastic feat.
Mom and her dad went to the Bookmobile, and she found a book that was interesting. It's called "Memories of World War II- Photographs from the Archives of the Associated Press." There are a lot of pictures that may make you think about what people can do.


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