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01 August 2006

Another Lovely Day, Another Lovely Island

I went on a a little trip to visit a friend on Whidbey Island, which is supposedly the longest island in the United States. D was staying at a house on the water on Honeymoon Bay. Whidbey Island has lot of neat bays- including Useless Bay and Mutiny Bay. Penn Cove is the home of the famous Penn Cove mussels. MMMMM. Coupeville is the Island County seat. It is a very beautiful little place, full of well-preserved Victorian and Italianate houses. Whidbey Island Race Week (billed as "Adult Day Camp") is held every July. It is a week of sailboat racing and social events, and usaully hosts ~200 sailboats. They usually race in Penn Cove, so the view from Coupeville is really amazing. The movie "Practical Magic," starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman was filmed there, so if you want to see it without having to travel, it's easy!

D and I went to the Sunnnyside Cemetery, which is just outside Coupeville proper. It is in a National Historic Reserve, and sits on a hill overlooking the water and farmland. D and I both think that this would be a wonderful place to spend eternity, as places for eternity go. He has a friend buried there in a family plot, but try as we might, we weren't able to find it.
It gives us a good reason to return.


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