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23 July 2006

23 July 2006- A Drive in the Country

I hate to be repetitive, but it was very hot again today. I went on a drive with the local MGClub, and it was a lot of fun. An MGA from Canada experienced fuel pump problems, but luckily an MGB had a spare one, you know, just in case.... I hope the MGA made it home okay! It sure makes me appreciate a care-free car. It was an odd variety of cars, a Lotus, a TR6, the MGA, the MGB and my MINI Cooper S. The only requirement was that the car is English. I also now know that I really like air-conditioning. There is a show down in Portland that I am now interested in. The show-life is starting to hook me in. ...Not that I'm going to win anything!
The cats are still looking pretty hopeless. There are some pathetic meows and sad eyes. LOKi really tries to be happy and purr, but I can tell it's an effort for him. He discovered that I applied perfume this morning, and he keeps trying to lick it off. Perfume is supposed to be a real turn-off for cats- I've read that it can be used to help keep them from scratching furniture because they supposedly hate the stuff so much. No, LOKi is certainly not normal.
Time to enter the hallowed, air-conditioned bedroom, and read the night away.


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