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21 July 2006

21 July 2006- One Hot Day

Today has been really hot for this area. LOKi, Sprankeltje and Tom Poes have had absolutely zero energy. I feel pretty sorry for them. They get up, take a couple steps, and then collapse. It's supposed to be even hotter this weekend. I'm actually eating a cucumber for dinner.
This morning at 7:00, I was out detailing the inside of my car. It took 3 hours, and a lot of sweat. I normally wouldn't be doing this, but my car is entered in a car show (All-British Field Meet.) I'm never in these to win, but it is so much fun meeting new people and seeing all the different cars. I'm leaving notes everywhere to remind me of things not to forget.
All this work for a non-competitive person. My sailboat-racing days are over, due to the fact that I don't really care how we do (everyone else is usually pretty serious about it.) I say it's a good day if nothing breaks, we don't lose anything overboard, and there is no blood. Don't get me wrong, I do like to sail a boat to go as fast as possible. I am very anal and excel at flying the spinnaker. I am not a good driver. I am afraid of driving downwind (there's a reason it's called a "boom.") I remember all the very small, minute things that everyone else sort of forgets(tweekers, boom vangs, outhauls and such.)
Well, time to finally take a shower. Time to sit in the air-conditioned bedroom and read a good book. !
Sleep tight


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