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05 August 2006

A Little Bit More LOKi

What a guy. He has beautiful intense green eyes. He has really long legs, and feet with white mittens. His coloring is very soft- more of a buff color than a true orange. We have conversations about everything, and he always has an opinion. LOKi has a sense of humor, and sees the light side of life. He also has terrible fears from a life that precedes this one- one that I can’t seem to crack or help him with. His appetite is gargantuan, for food and for life and for love. His purr is a rumbling indication that he has achieved happiness, almost to the point of becoming rusty. LOKi likes to be physical- on my lap, helping me on the computer, running to me when I call his name, and playing with inanimate objects that come to life with his touch. He wants to see what is going on all the time, except when there are strangers here!

LOKi’s entrance into our family unit was not a smooth one. There were two resident felines that made LOKi’s life quite miserable. Sprankeltje (AKA Bean) and Tom Poes (AKA Kitten) did not have a very close relationship, but when LOKi came into the fray, they suddenly became co-conspirators, making sure that LOKi had absolutely no rights. LOKi spent most of the time under an old chair that was on the upstairs landing. All that was visible was those huge eyes with anxiety written all over them. Bean or Kitten would always be sitting on guard next to the chair and they would not allow him to go downstairs. I began to wonder if LOKi would ever be allowed into the real world, whatever that consisted of.

Slowly, things got a bit better. LOKi was able to eat his food and use the litter box, just like a real cat. He was still the outcast, though, and he also had to adjust to being a kitty with a home. He very obviously had not been indoors at all. I can still see him trying to jump onto the windowsill in the living room, and then crashing into the window. Glass was new to him. There were some lessons to be learned about the litter box also. LOKi was very enthusiastic about using it, but his methods left a bit to be desired. He would have his body in it, but his behind would stick out, the result of which was that he weed all over the floor. I had to admire his attempts.

As LOKi started to develop some self-esteem, a bit of payback began to occur. He found out he could really bother Kitten without even making contact. He would get into Kitten’s face, and basically back Kitten around the perimeter of the living room. This continued ad-nauseum. I was quite amused at first; pretty much convinced that Kitten had it coming to him. It got a little too mean-spirited and it started to happen too often, so I tried to intervene on Kitten’s behalf. I yelled at LOKi to stop it- didn’t work. I picked him up and physically removed him from Kitten’s face- didn’t work. LOKi obviously was getting a huge kick out of Kitten’s misery. I finally had too much, and I began to wonder if Kitten’s old heart could continue to take this abuse (even if he did deserve it!) I yelled at LOKi that he was going to go to jail. I picked him up locked him in our dining room to let him ruminate about the bad things he had done to be sentenced to jail. The picking on Kitten continued, and I was regularly telling LOKi that had to go to jail. After awhile, I began to notice that LOKi seemed to want to go to jail. . He picked on Kitten deliberately so he would be sentenced. I would tell him that he had to go, and he would take himself to the door to be thrown into jail. Now, I thought, this is pretty weird. When I began to get lazy and ignore his despicable behavior, he sat himself in front of the jail door until I threw him in. He would then look out into the living room and Kitten and Bean would sit and look at him while he was in jail. When B and I went to Holland and the neighbor was taking care of the cats, she reported that LOKi regularly sent himself to jail.

There are many future LOKi stories to look forward to.


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