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07 January 2011

A la Julia and Julie?

A few months ago, I was cleaning my kitchen, and I realized I have a lot of cookbooks. I'm not sure if I was subliminally thinking of the recent Julie/Julia thing. Anyway, I came up with the bright idea of trying at least one new recipe a week. B (my husband) was very agreeable to this.
So, the next Saturday, which is when we usually do our shopping, I read through a bunch of recipes, and we agreed on one. Of course, this was so long ago that I can't remember what we chose. I do know that it was great fun, and it tasted wonderful.
So far (amazingly I have not missed a week) we have had some great meals. I have been doing a lot of Dutch and Indonesian food, and some intermittent exotic diversions. One huge thing I have learned how to be much more efficient when I am cooking.
I will attempt to blog about my recipe of the week every week. Last week, I made Kip met kerrie rijst (chicken with curry rice). We tend to like chicken and curry recipes, so I have made a lot of variations with these ingredients. One big day was making aspergesoep (cream of asparagus soup) from scratch.
Anyway, this has tuned out to be an adventure!



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