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17 December 2006

I've Got Me A Piano!

I've got me a piano! Actually, not a whole, complete, real piano, but a little electric keyboard thingy. When we moved into our townhouse, I had to give up my piano due to lack of space. It went to my mommy, and I sure missed it.
My history with piano-ownership has been fraught with deceit and a distinct lack of musical talent. When I was in second grade, my parents bought an old upright piano. Half the keys didn't produce any sound, and it had probably never been tuned. I was "encouraged" to start piano lessons. I was "encouraged" for about five years, at which time I threatened to quit unless my parents got me a decent piano. They did, and I promptly quit the lessons anyway. I am not musically talented at all. Sure, I can read the music, but I'm more prone to banging on the keys than actually making it sound like music. But, since I was the only one who played, I got the piano. I loved closing all the windows and doors so no one could hear, and I would bang away at my heart's content. Oddly, the cats seemed to enjoy it. Whatever.
When we moved into the townhouse last year, the piano went to my mom, who plays it minimally. My mother had wanted my niece to start playing, so she bought an electric keyboard thingy. K played it for awhile, but was quickly bored. When I was at my sister's house recently, I asked K if she was still playing the piano, and she said "no." I told her I was going to take the keyboard home with me.
So, that's how I got it. Bullying little girls. Of course, if she decides she wants to resume her lessons, it will be returned to her. Yeah right.
I am quite grinchy.
The neatest thing- it has a volume control, so no one has to hear me.



Blogger Kara said...

Where was the deceit part? You left that out on purpose, didn't you. DIDN'T YOU????

18 December, 2006 16:52  
Blogger KJP said...

Boy, when you throw a windstorm, you really throw a windstorm! I was stuck for 3 extra days in seattle!

20 December, 2006 08:20  
Blogger BillĂ© said...

Just wanted to let you know that I find your life fascinating.

I've only recent gotten into the world of blog. Wish I'd done so earlier. It's great.

All the best for the new year,

01 January, 2007 04:48  

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