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03 November 2006

Friday Fourteen- # 1

Fourteen Stupid Things I Have Done

1. One morning, I looked down and discovered that I had been wearing two different shoes for several hours.

2. Wore some really unflattering and uncomfortable clothes to the "Nutcracker" and spent the whole time sqirming, taking my shoes off while weeping and trying to keep my skirt from riding up to my crotch. Lovely.

3. Locked my keys in my car at the gas station when there were cars lined up waiting for the pump. A pattern maybe?

4. Dreamt that I hadn't brought enough underwear on a trip.

5. Overestimated my skiing abilty (or was it someone who talked me into the intermediate run) and basically sat myself down to the bottom.

6. While delivering a sailboat at night, I completely erased all the waypoints on the GPS, and they needed to be re-configured (that was a doozy.)

7. When B and I were hanging a bathroom cabinet, I was holding it up and told him when it was perfect and he could screw it in. It was perfect, for a 5'2" person. In the mirror, B was cut off at the neck

8. Appeared in public in a bathing suit.

9. Cooked some really awful food and made B eat it.

10. Had my purse stolen twice in 6 months, EXACTLY the same way. Didn't learn anything the first time.

11. When getting my driver's lisence replaced for said thefts, wore the exact same shirt three times.

12. Home-permed my hair and thought it looked really good.

13. Took four rolls of pictures- with the film not loaded in the camera.

14. My friend and I thought it would be fun to bathe topless in a park, and wouldn't you know it, a father and son appeared out of nowhere, and god- forbid, saw us. Probably wanted to poke out their minds-eyes after that.


Blogger KJP said...

Only 14? Whow you are awesome! If I were to do a count down it would require a seperate blog with more material than I could ever use!

03 November, 2006 16:39  
Blogger Lizza said...

You are a brave soul, home-perming your hair and going topless in a park. I bow to you.

04 November, 2006 02:43  
Blogger Kara said...

Today I was riding my bike. The light changed and I tried to break to a stop. It was pouring rain. My original 1960s English Raleigh's break pads don't work in the rain so I had to use my feet as I slid into the intersection. My feet slipped and my nether regions came crashing down on the bar. 4 different lines of traffic were watching. I am now on a couch with an ice pack on my bleeding, swollen lady bits with the Ex Sys. Admin changing my break pads. Why am I telling you this??? I refused to replace the breaks earlier because they said "made in england" and I thought that was cool. You're a brain surgeon compared to me.

04 November, 2006 16:10  
Anonymous INAMINI said...

kjp- this was a very abbreviated list. I needed to keep it short, or it would go on and on. Actually a pretty good idea to do every friday for me. Than I could purge some of my stupidness.

lizza- did you read the complete stupid thing- where the hair looked awful and someone caught us topless?

kara- Note from Dr. INAMINI- I'm sure you can find some "England" brake pads on the internet! There, I solved your problem!

05 November, 2006 11:28  

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