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23 October 2006


Okay, okay. I am a thief.I am stealing a meme from lizza, dr. a and Morgen. I have no muse today.

Five Things I Would Do If I Were A Millionaire

* Make sure my family was taken care of
* Get a really nice sailboat
* Donate to animal/environmental causes
* Finally have my private island and dream retirement home
* Travel, travel, travel!

Five Bad Habits

* Shopping
* Eating
* Being very out-spoken/opinionated/strong-minded
* Starting projects and not finishing them
* Not using hand-lotion

Five Things I Hate Doing

* Cleaning the cat boxes
* Changing light-bulbs
* Looking for the Christmas ornaments
* Clothes shopping (eeeuw)
* Charging the cell phone

Five Things I Would Never Do

* Sail across the ocean
* Be a key-note speaker
* Walk across a bridge (I am so afraid of heights!)
* Have my picture taken
* Hurt an animal

Five Things I Regret Doing

* Some of my old boyfiends- what was I thinking?
* Not asking now-gone family about our family history
* Not taking advantage of travelling opportunities
* Not realizing until now that there were guys in my life that may have
actually liked me
* Letting the migraines get the best of me

Five Favorite Things (Objects)

* My MINI Cooper S
* My books
* My home
* My computer
* My food

Thanks for the meme (from the thief!)



Blogger Lizza said...

"Boyfiends." Is that a typo or a Freudian slip? :-D In any case, it's a cool word.

Oh, and the idea of public speaking scares the crap out of me. Wonderful list. It's great to learn all these new things about you! :-D

24 October, 2006 01:52  
Anonymous INAMINI said...

lizza- it must have been a Freudian slip, but I have to admit it's good! I guess you learned something about me right there!

24 October, 2006 15:24  

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