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05 October 2006

Tag! I'm It!

I've been tagged by Morgen. It's Morgen's Halloween Meme. So, here goes!

  1. What's the scariest movie you've ever seen? I don't remember the name, but it was a flick about an evil doll/puppet, released in 1979. Dolls give me the creeps, especially when they form their own pesonality (like Barbie). I don't watch horror films because my unconcious seems to suck them up and regurgitate them as horror dreams at night.
  2. What was your favorite Halloween Costume from childhood? Probably the witch costume my mother made for my sisters and I when we first came to America. That Halloween has a wonderful story behind it- please see 13 August 2006 post (I'm having a hell of a time formatting links to my previous posts).
  3. If you had an unlimited budget, what would your Fantasy Costume be for this Halloween? A Victorian Mourning costume, complete with mourning jewelry made of the deceased hair. It's Halloween, isn't it?
  4. When was the last time you went Trick Or Treating? I think I was in fifth grade. It didn't stop me from begging and stealing candy out of the bowl, though, or buying it well before Halloween and eating it all. This also proved to make the haul successful, because I got to pick out what I like.
  5. What's your favorite Halloween Candy? Almond Roca and candy corn (which I have a weird year-round fondness for).
  6. Tell us about a scary nightmare you had. OMG- this could take days. I don't always remember them, but I know I do a lot of screaming. B has had to wake me 3 times in one night because I was screaming. I have tons of night terrors (Halloween never ends, does it?) and I usually have to take a shower when I wake up. I know there are bloody knives, machine guns, and a lot of chasing.
  7. What is your Supernatural Fear? Erm, Chucky? Dolls that come to life? Barbie?
  8. What is your Creepy-Crawlie Fear? I have two- flying ants and slugs. Like you, Morgen, I witnessed acrege covered with flying ants, and god, they make my skin crawl. Just thinking back...I don't mind any other insects (except for killer bees, which still haven't materialized up here) and actually enjoy watching them, but acres covered with buzzing, marching flying ants- gives me the kriebles. Slugs- grew up with them and I still have not made peace with them. The first time you step on with your bare feet one stays with you the rest of your life. Even though they move slowly- ick. I have been known to pick them up with a shovel and quickly flip them into the neighbors' yard. I will not touch them.
  9. Tell us about a time when you saw a ghost, or heard something go Bump in the night. This one is easy. We used to live in an old house (1906) and I know we had some old-timers in there with us. I remember sitting on the couch in the living room, with the cats, and suddenly there was a blast of cold air going by us, along with a heavy scent of perfume. Weird. One of the bathrooms upstairs had a clawfoot tub, and it was generally considered to be my territory. A couple times pictures flew off the wall in front of me. B said the hair on the back of his neck would rise when he was in there, so he pretty much avoided it. Another sort of weird thing was that our bedroom door would open suddenly, at odd times. I would be laying in bed (a favorite hobby) and it would fly open. I wonder if the present owner is getting company.
  10. Would you ever stay in a real Haunted House overnight? Well, based on my previous entry, I have! The Amityville House, I'm not so sure.
  11. Are you a traditionalist (just a face) Jack O'Lantern Carver, or do you get really creative with your pumpkins? These pictures of a couple of my pumpkins, and I have big plans for this year's. We go to a real pumpkin patch every year and find our perfect carving pumpkins. I love decorationg for Halloween!
  12. How much do you decorate your home for Halloween? As I said above, I love decorating!I have black cat accessories everywhere, and I make ghosts with balloons and cheesecloth. I have a lit spiderweb that I put over the front doors, and all sorts of halloween candle holders. We have a skeleton for the door, and vintage Halloween stuff from when B was a children. Storage is a problem!
  13. What do you want on your Tombstone? No tombstone for me. I plan on being made into dust, and scattered from our saiboat where B and I first met. This comes from a close friend's very sudden death. We made a sailboat train, with us in his boat first, and went out on the water. We then said a few things and scattered his ashes on the water. This has been the most meaningful memorial service I've ever been to.

This has been a lot of fun! Thanks, Morgen!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Inamini: great answers!
You didn't tag anyone! That's part of the meme fun!

I'm adding you to my Monsters list right now!!!

ps: love your pumpkins! make sure you share with us pics of this year's too!!!

05 October, 2006 15:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Morgen- Ooops, I just proved I'm a neophyte. I will tag a few and watch the fall-out!

05 October, 2006 15:54  
Blogger msquared said...

Hey just read your comment.
Thanks for linking me I will return the the favour!But I might not get to it till sometime next week sorry very busy.
Glad your husband likes Tomas and I will try to keep it up. But oh the pressure.

05 October, 2006 16:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great list and thanks for commenting over at my blog...much appreciated!!

My scariest movie: Police Academy 4 - they should have just stopped at #3 ;-)

05 October, 2006 18:45  
Blogger Dr. A said...

Great job - especially for a first time memer (is that a word?). I'm also a fan of the candy corn.

05 October, 2006 20:26  
Blogger Lizza said...

Ooohhh, Chuckie gives me the willies, too. Scary, repulsive creature. Your description of slugs made me laugh. :-D

This was great to read, inamini.

06 October, 2006 00:46  
Blogger Kara said...

It didn't ask you what you're gonna be for Halloween this year! I must know! I'm gonna be a dead ballerina...strangled by a toe shoe. Priceless, I'm telling you.

06 October, 2006 12:10  
Blogger INAMINI said...

msquared- Please don't feel pressured- good things are always worth the wait!

michaelc- great choice for scariest movie! Love it!

dr. a- thanks for the comment. I think they seel candy corn year-round now.

lizza- dolls are frightening.

kara- I'm pretty scary as myself, and I will also be hopped up on chocolate and seasonal beer. A picture of the ballerina, please.

06 October, 2006 13:34  
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