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28 September 2006

My Own Private Stonehenge

After writing about Stonehenge in Eastern Washington, I remembered that I had indeed seen yet another Stonehenge, and promptly forgotten about it. I hauled out my old pictures and scanned them, and then I sepiaed them to give them the feeling of antiquity. I'm not sure if this Stonehenge was actually formed before the one in England, but it sure felt like it.
This Stonehenge is also in Eastern Washington, but much further north. You had to know it was there to get there- no road signs. The road let into a sort of bowl-like valley. It is all volcanic, and the columns are made from basalt. We drove onto the valley floor to set up camp, so all these columns were lined up way above us. From the first time I saw them, I felt weirdly spiritual. Not something I'm used to. The whole frist night was sort of woogly-feeling. We had arrived just as it was getting dark, and set up the tent in the dark. I was looking into the tent-pole bag (filled with dangerous shock-cord poles,) pulled out a handful of poles, and managed to stick one in my eye, which had remained open because I didn't anticipate the danger. I managed to break a bunch of blood vessels in my eye (luckily no permanant damage,) and my eye continued to drool for a long time. All this time, the columns stood over us. Shortly after this boo-boo, we saw a blob of light in the northern sky. It was reddish, and it had a tail. How many people seeing something does it take for it to be a real UFO? We all saw it, and watched it go over us and down through the southern horizon.
That night, I had my usual insomnia, so I decided to go for a walk. The skies was very clear, and there was full moon. It was like walking in the daytime, complete with odd shadows. I climbed up to the circle of basalt columns, and walked through them. They were stunning. It was other-worldly, spooky, beautiful, Halloween-y.
I felt like there were dead people there, although I couldn't see them.
Okay, does anyone know of any other Stonehenges that I've missed? Maybe my next goal is to see every one of them except for the original.

P.S. The glowing orb that we saw was a Soviet (yes, this was that long ago) satellite re-entering the atmosphere. Pretty spooky, huh?



Blogger Kara said...

Ok, you saw a UFO and dead people because you got poked in the eye and it made you hallucinate. OR getting poked in the eye is just your euphamism for taking peyote. In which case...nice one.

29 September, 2006 16:00  
Anonymous INAMINI said...

Well, Kara, we can't all have lives as exciting as mine. Also, remeber my hallucinations usually involve lots of blood.

29 September, 2006 17:11  

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