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12 September 2006

Are You A Crazy Cat Person?

One of my friends has noticed the life-path I'm taking, and wanted me to admit it. Here is the quiz (you can get your own Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure below):

Are You A Crazy Cat Person?
  • Do you get excited when you hear a can opener?
  • Do you think cats are smarter than people?
  • Do you feel Tom is more talented than Jerry?
  • Do you have more cats than ex-boyfriends?
  • Do you bring new boyfriends home so the cats can meet them?
  • Do you later break up with them because the cats weren't impressed?
  • Do you spend more on doctor bills for your cats than yourself?
  • Do you buy the ice cream your cats prefer instead of the kind you like?
  • Can you tell your cats apart from the roughness of their tongues?
  • Have you ever warned a guest not to sit on a specific piece of furniture because it belongs to the cats?
  • Do you own more than one piece of clothing with a cat on it? (erm, I have some cat socks...)
  • Do you have a website devoted to your cats? Do you have a website for each cat?
  • Do you spend more on Christmas presents for your cats than your famliy?
  • Do you buy more than one kind of cat food because a few of your cats are picky cats?
  • Have you ever had to explain to a police officer that the stuff in the bag really is catnip?
  • Do you feel that the ancient Egyptian tradition of cat worship is the one true religion?
  • Is the sheet of instructions for watching your cats while you're on vacation longer than a page? Two pages? What vacation?

If you answered yes to seven or more of these questions, you may be a crazy cat person!

You can get your own Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure for yourself or someone you love!


Blogger Lizza said...

Haha! I love cats, but not to this extent. So, how many of these questions did you answer yes to?

12 September, 2006 13:29  
Blogger Kara said...

I only have one cat at a time. And I always end up being verbally abusive to it. I hope the same thing doesn't happen when I have children.

12 September, 2006 14:08  
Anonymous INAMINI said...

lizza- a girl's got a reight to some secrets!

Kara- I never wanted kids, so cats it is.

12 September, 2006 15:14  
Blogger Dr. A said...

I failed this test miserably. I'm not a cat person. In fact, I'm allergic to cats. So, I got short of breath even reading through the questions!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I checked yours out, and liked what I've read. I'm going to add you to my links, if that's ok.

12 September, 2006 20:39  
Blogger terra shield said...

I'm not a cat person either... was just browsing around lizza's blog when I saw your link (cute name by the way)

Oh yeah, you've got some cool stuff posted... will be back soon :)

13 September, 2006 05:25  
Blogger Morgen said...

LOL -- to protect my dignity, I won't tell you how many I said YES to on this list!!! but, I will say, just last night, while I was reading in bed a cat jumped on my feet and bit my toes and I was able to say "Hi Chloe" without even looking! My sig-other said, "How did you know that was Chloe, you didn't even look."
I replied, "I know that toe bite."

13 September, 2006 13:04  
Blogger INAMINI said...

dr. a- thanks for stopping by. My husband is allergis to cats also- the cats get a lot of baths! See 15 Aug post for pictures. Thanks also for adding me as a link- I will return the favor!

terra shield- also thanks for visiting, even cats aren't your bag. Not everything's about cats!:)

morgen- I'm not surprised about you're(is that the right "your"?) being a cat person! I've read some of your kitty posts.

13 September, 2006 18:57  
Blogger alessia said...

I don't have a cat (my sister is allergic) but if I did, I think I'd probably get a 6... So not quite crazy yet :p

15 September, 2006 04:39  
Anonymous ghostrose said...

Yay!! I only got 6!! I like the look of that action figure though.

Morgen - i can tell my cats by the different noises their bells make! It's a bit weird at the moment though because Chewbacca got a new collor for her birthday so the bell sounds different...

:-) Ghostrose (I've now decided to give up tonight's writing for a bad job and starting afresh tomorrow)

15 September, 2006 16:25  

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