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05 September 2006

The Long Way Home

For our route home, we decided to go through the Columbia River Gorge on the Oregon side, and then cross the river back into Washington. We got our free continental (free is important) at the hotel, packed our large amount of stuff into the MINI, and took off into the sunrise. We stopped at several waterfalls- I couldn't believe how high and steep they were. I tried taking some pictures, and this one was the best. It was still pretty dark, and my digital couldn't handle it very well.

We stopped at Hood River to check out the "famous windsurfing scene". For future reference, know that Hood River has a lot of not-very-well-marked one-way streets. We got honked at embarrassingsly often. There was no wind, so no windsurfing scene. I remember going to a windsurfing area on Maui, and I have never seen anything like it. Hood River disappointed me.
After we crossed to Washington, the first stop was Maryhill Museum. It is modeled after a Flemish (read Southern Holland) chateau, and sits high all by its lonesome on a cliff over the Columbia River. It has several original Rodin sculptures and Romanian furniture. It was built by Sam Hill, of "What The Sam Hill" fame. There was no wood used in the building; interior walls are made of steel-stud construction with plaster over metal lath.

About four miles east of Maryhill, there is a replica of Stonehenge. It was also built by Sam Hill as a monument to the 8 young men from Klickitat County who were killed in WWI. I haven't been there for over 23 years, so it was really neat to see it again. I have always wanted to got to Great Britain to see the real Stonehenge. The idea of something made so long ago makes me almost tingle. I'm thinking that this may be the closest I'll get to the real one. Sigh...
I have pictures, but Blogger doesn't seem to be too excited about posting them. I will keep trying.
Maybe Blogger is anti-paganist?


Anonymous Corky said...

Ah! A woman after my own heart - an adventurer! Kudos to you.

I'd no idea that a copy of Stonehenge had been made in the US. Interesting.

Its very unusual to find small-frame car lovers in the States, usually small car lovers are from Europe.

05 September, 2006 21:34  
Blogger Lizza said...

Blogger is anti-everything most days.

Keep on trying, we'd love to see more pictures. Sounds like you had quite a good time, some disappointments notwithstanding.

I, too, would love to see the real Stonehenge and other ancient sites/sights.

06 September, 2006 06:43  
Blogger Kara said...

The real stonehenge SUCKS. You can't get anywhere near it and all pictures are tainted by the presence of the GIANT ASS umbrellas carried by Japanese tourists. Sweet picture of Multnomah Falls, though. There's good hiking thereabouts. Not that I hike.

06 September, 2006 13:41  
Anonymous INAMINI said...

Hi corky- I am Dutch, so I'm fond of things small. The MINI is actually very popular here- there is still a year waiting period to get one!

Lizza- I'll try for the pictures in a few minutes, for my post tonight.

kara- funny you should mention tourists at Stonehenge- right after we got there, two busloads showed up. They stayed in a huge clump and I couldn't even fight my way through them. Maybe this Stonehenge is enough!

06 September, 2006 19:00  

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