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27 August 2006

A Birthday at the Cabin

We have a cabin on "THE RIVER," as we affectionately call it . My nephew's birthday was the 25th, and we have historically spent it at the cabin. If we can pull it together, all the boys go floating for about three miles down the river to the cabin (my niece went with them this year.) My sister and the mini-van, filled with her husband and kids, plus food, chairs and floating implements; us in the pick-up (sob- we don't get to motor on this trip) with our food and floaters, first headed to the cabin to unload. Then it was to the gas station to fill up the rafts and inner tubes with air.
The drop-off spot for the floaters was at a park under the bridge. My sister asked B how long it would take for them to get down the river to the cabin, and he blithely answered, "About an hour." My sister and I looked at each other- sure, about an hour. The river is really low this year- the spring and summer have been dry. The last time we remember it being this low was about 19 years ago, and then we were able to walk across it.
There was no current. It took forever for them to round the first corner. We went back to the cabin to wait for them and to enjoy ourselves. My parents and brother showed up, and we ate and talked. It's wonderfully quiet there, but the road has gotten busier. At one point, a herd of about 50 motorcyclists went by. We saw eagles, though, and watched and listened to the wind blowing through the trees. That certainly makes up for the extra traffic!
We talked and we talked. We talked some more. Finally, after about three hours, the rafts appeared upriver. It took about another half-hour for them to get to the cabin. An hour- right.
Everyone unloaded. They were all tired from being in the sun for so long. Luckily no one got sunburned.
It was a wonderful no-tech day for the kids. They need reminders that that is still possible. No harm to the environment either! Double-whammy.


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