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16 August 2006

The "High I.Q. Couple" in Victoria, B.C.

The "High I.Q. Couple" (see 8 August 2006 post) has been to Victoria, B.C., which is on Vancouver Island, quite a few times, leaving our indelible mark. These are
Laser racing in Oak Bay, Victoria, B.C.
two examples.
1) We were on our way to our hotel. I was diving and B was navigating with the map on his lap. He was telling me where to turn and which street to turn on. I looked over, and he had the map of Vancouver displayed. I tell this story a lot, much
to B's embarrassment. It's especially fun to tell the MINI Club.
2) We tried to be savvy travellers and leave our passports and important things in the hotel safe. On the ferry ride back, I asked B if he had picked up everything before we left. No, he hadn't (didn't see that coming, did you?) So, the ferry docks, we wait for our turn to disembark, and then as we get to the toll-booths, we do a u-turn and buy tickets to go back. That's $50.00 a trip, plus the hour that it takes to get back to Vancouver Island, plus the half- hour it takes to drive to Victoria. Than back to the ferry, dish out another $50.00, sit on the boat for an hour, and finally get on the road to drive back home. We made a solemn promise not to add up how much money our little weekend cost.
Please re-enter our world at a later date!


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