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15 August 2006

A Look at Tom Poes

I think I will finally officially introduce Tom Poes, more commonly known as "Kitten." He is a Shaded Silver Persian, and he is now about 14 years old. I got him when he was six months old. He appears to be angelic, but he is pretty macho underneath all that hair. Although he is an inside kitty, he lives to be in the jungle.
Kitten's goal in life is to get outside at all costs. Barging, screaming, waiting by the door until it magically opens all by itself, just for him.
He's been known to launch himself like a missile to the top half of a screen door, and hang there, meowing loud enough for the neighbors across the street to hear him. Once, when our front steps were being worked on, he barged as the the door opened, and he ended up sailing into the front lawn with his legs spread-eagled- there were no steps. Didn't dissuade him from his ultimate mission- to get outside. He's a stealth kitten.
Kitten weighs only 6.5 pounds, although he looks like he weighs twice that. All volume- no substance. He doesn't care about eating. Kitten lets his food drip out of his mouth, and allows the others to take what they want from his dish. He can be picked up with one hand, but he doesn't really like to be held, so he starts to "helicopter."
The one thing that is amazing about Kitten is that he loves to be washed- ergo the picture carefully placed to catch your eye and suck you into reading this blog. We took him to a groomer one time to help out with some hair clots. The groomer said that Kitten fought the razor tooth and nail, but the second he was put into water, Kitten just sat there. That's a good Kitten...
Poor Kitten has some arthritis now, but he gets glucosamine everyday, which helps a lot. He runs up and down the stairs like a real kitten.
Right now, he is waiting for me to feed him. He says he will do a post himself soon.


Blogger QuillDancer said...

20+ years ago I had a Hymalian that loved water. His name was Bum because he would also dive in your plate if you weren't attentive. Bum liked food -- a lot. He also loved baths. Whenever I filled the tub with bubble and water he would join me. Step himself in daintily and sit there in bubbles us to his chin.

08 September, 2006 19:39  

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