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10 August 2006

Some Favorite Lyrics and Quotes

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1. "Why do you tell me all your secrets when it's hard enough to love you knowing nothing?"
- Lloyd Cole
2. What's madness but nobility of the soul at odds with circumstance?
- Theodore Roethke
3. Interesting if true- and interesting anyway.
- Mark Twain
4. The moment that stuns us in life is the moment in which dreams become a reality.
- Barbara Sjoholm
5. What greater gift than the love of a cat?
- Charles Dickens
6. Life without a cat is not an option.
- Edward Gorey
7. The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
- Mahatma Gandhi
8. Lead me from death to life
From falsehood to truth
Lead me from despair to hope
From fear to trust
Lead me from hate to love
From war to peace
Let peace fill our hearts
Our world, our universe
- Cliff Hunt; "Cliffs of Despair"
9. If man could be crossed with a cat, it would improve man, but diminish the cat.
- Mark Twain
10. You are my cat, and I am your human.
- Hilaire Belloc
11. May Beauty be behind you;
May Beauty be ahead of you;
May Beauty be above you;
May Beauty be below you;
And may Beauty be in you.
- ?


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