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08 August 2006


A few weeks ago, my husband and I went out for a motor (that's what you call it when you're in a MINI Cooper.) We made it point to keep turning right, and found some neat roads. We discovered a park that we had heard of but never actually seen. We decided to motor (yes, "motor" will be used ad-nauseum) through the camping area. It was packed. Tons of RV's, trailers, and a few tents. There were even some yurts available for rent. As I mentioned earlier, I remember camping a totally different way. Here, there were people walking around looking like they were desperately searching for a shower and a toilet that flushed. It weren't pretty. I told B that I am way past wanting to camp anymore. He accused me of not being adventurous in my old age. This coming from a guy that only went trailer camping when he was young. I reminded him that I had hiked the 70-mile Washington Coast, made it to the 10,000-foot level of Mt. Rainier twice, and hiked/camped all over the state and into british Columbia. I have driven to Alaska in a 1967 VW bus with a big black dog and an 18-year-old cat.
Anyway, the realization comes that I would rather stay in a motel where they will clean up after me, with a flushing toilet and a shower. I would rather sleep in a nice bed, and maybe watch some bad cable TV (can't do it at home- no cable!) I like it when someone cooks my meals and washes my dishes. The same concerns come up when the other half of "The High I.Q. Couple" suggests going cruising in our itty-bitty sailboat. Porta-potty? No way! Trying to cook when you can't even stand up? Uh-uh! Sleeping in a cramped little bunk with all our junk right in our faces? Yea, right!
I see my future as motoring long distances and finding places where others take care of me. All I want to do is drive!


Blogger LMI1 said...

Yes, it's really hard to know if anyone is reading anything! I know quite a few people who read mine but few ever comment. Ah, it's kind of like e-mail...everyone wants to get it but no one wants to write it! Anyhow, I've taken to writing mostly as an exercise for myself more than anything.

Anyhow, you have a great site- good stories, good insights. I enjoyed the bit on your family history. Half of my family comes from Ost Friesland in Germany. The other half is Norwegian. We came over quite a bit earlier though (1880's or so) so I don't quite have the same connection to "the old country" as you have. Anyhow, keep blogging and thanks!

08 August, 2006 19:15  

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