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01 October 2006

Wine on a Saturday

I know, I know, I didn't post anything yesterday. But I had a good reason! We went on 2 winery tours with the MINI people. Although the weather was not as good as we had hoped, the convertibles had their tops down, but from what I heard, the seat warmers were on also.
The first winery was in Port Townsend, which is a wonderful Victorian town, with lots of houses dating from the late 1800's. It has become a haven for artists and wooden boat artisans. The wine was so-so (I'll try to be graceful and not mention their name), but please remember I am very inexperienced in the fine art of wine-tasting. I'm just not that sophisticated.
From the Port Townsend, we took the ferry to Keystone, on Whidbey Island. The pictures were taken on the ferry, which is probably fairly obvious. We had a picnic lunch at Fort Casey. There are three forts (Fort Casey, Fort Flagler and Fort Worden) in the north part of Puget Sound, all built together to defend against a foreign attack. They date from before WWI, and were used in both World Wars (no attacks from foreigners, though.) Eventually they were sold to the State of Washington to made into parks. There are concrete tunnels tunnels that run from gun emplacements to God-Knows-where. They can be fun, but also very scary to semi-claustrophobic persons.There are no lights, and frankly, it's just plain frightening. I don't go in them anymore, no matter what promises people make.
The next winery is near Langley, on Whidbey Island. I liked them better, so here is their name- Whidbey Island Winery (didn't see that coming, did you?) They were just finishing grape-squashing, which is weirdly hypnotic to watch. One of the ladies that work there races her British Racing Green MINI Cooper. Cool. They even handed out lots of cheese-and-cracker accompaniments. Very cool. B and I ended up with some sort of red wine, rhubarb wine, local honey and lavender jelly. I will eat food made out of most anything.
I want go visit chocolate makers next.

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Blogger Kara said...

The mini with the checkered top is the coolest thing i've ever seen. I want to play chess upon it. Except I don't know how to play chess, so I'd probably lose. Stupid chess.

PS: Lavender jam is the best!

02 October, 2006 11:15  
Blogger INAMINI said...

kara- we can play checkers if we buy some black and red plastic plates!

03 October, 2006 17:03  

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