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02 November 2006

Post Halloween

Yup, I'm finally back. This pictures how sloppy I was for Halloween this year. Obviously didn't have very good spray paint coverage.I'm going to blame it on the fumes.

This picture shows that we got prematurely excited and carved the poor squash too soon. We'll hopefully remember this gaff next year and not repeat history.

Here we see that I can't organize a display. I threw everything everywhere, BUT... we were the best (and almost only) decorated house in the neightborhood. For once we were the unattainable Joneses. Lots of Trick-or-Treaters too, but not enough to keep me from looking for the Tootsie Rolls in between doorbell rings. MMM, MMM GOOD!



Blogger Kara said...

Yay tootsie rolls! What the hell are they made of anyway?

02 November, 2006 14:35  
Anonymous INAMINI said...

kara- I'm not sure- they mat be connected to marshmallows.

02 November, 2006 15:19  

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