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02 January 2007

Winter And I Never Wash The Car

The whole time I've been involved with the MINI Club I've had a reputation for having a "dirty little car." Everybody likes to post pictures of the dirt, and brag how their cars always look beautiful. I admit that washing my car isn't always my favorite activity, but some people are real fanatics. There is the guy that pulls out the chrome cleaner, tire cleaner and Windex everytime we stop. You have got to be kidding!
I also have a tendency towards cracks in my windshield. On my old Cooper, I went through two windshields in two years. My Cooper S, which I got in June, and I already have two huge cracks going. I think I'll wait until winter is over to replace the windshield, while ignoring the pretty prisms that distort my vision when the sun shines. Since the sun doesn't shine very much right now, and the car is grossly filthy, it really doesn't make much difference. No "cracks" about the windshield, please- hahahahaha.
On a very "Bend the Rules, Rule the Bends" note, I got some added horsepower for for the MINI for my birthday. This usually means that I come out of corners much faster than I go into them. B doesn't like it because it is too easy to speed all the time.
But damn, that car is fun!



Blogger KJP said...

you could always claim it is a brown car with lots of snow on it....

04 January, 2007 20:56  
Blogger Kara said...

It's because of all the stupid SUVs on the road. They're the rock throwers...the jerks.

06 January, 2007 10:30  

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