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21 February 2007

Writer's Block

Okay, so it may be presumptuous for me to refer to myself as a "writer," but I am having the hardest time thinking of things to blog about. I nix ideas pretty fast, and I'm usually sure that I have repeated myself repeatedly.
How do you guys do it? I'm beginning to think that I have to go in search of memes so all I have to do is answer someone else's questions. So, does anyone know of any memes I can steal? Any repositories to draw from?
Does anyone have some questions that they want me to answer? Should I dig up weird stories and facts? Ghost stories? Horrible truths? Britney Spears (please, no!) I've got to get a grip so I can blog!!!

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19 February 2007

Ooh-La-La, Olalla

Another little MINI trip on Saturday. We drove to Ollalla, a little burg on the Kitsap Peninsula. It has a rather infamous history.
In the early 1900's, a quack doctor named Linda Hazzard set up a sanitarium in Olalla to "cure" people of all their illnesses. She claimed that total fasting would cure anything and everything. The end result (of course) was that people starved to death. The estimate was that about forty people died, but that is a guess. She got her "clients" to sign over their assets to her so she inherited all their earthly posessions.
Laura was eventually ratted out by one of her patients, and she went to trial and was convicted of manslaughter. She served onlyabout 8 years, and went on to open new practices.
Laura performed most of the autopsies herself, some in a bathtub. Her house is still standing, and that bathtub is still in the house. Anyone want a nice hot bath? Most of the bodies were buried in the front yard with a tree planted on the gravesites. Others were cremated in the incinerator, and others were simply thrown over a cliff.
Of course, paranormal activities have been reported in the house. The sanitorium burned down years ago.
History is wonderful.

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